Saturday, February 18, 2012

Disappeared into life

In October I started at Expedia, working in EWE (Expedia Worldwide Engineering) as the program manager for the Client-Side Engineering team. I'm about to hit 4 months of having been there and I adore it. We enable awesome front-end code and purgate bad. I have 4 devs here in Bellevue, 2 in London and 2 testers in Hungary. I love my team; they're a lot of fun. I've worked a fair bit with the design team and we should be working with them more this year (how can I not hang out with the artists?).

It's odd to think I went from doing art, to advocating for artists and collaborating with devs, to advocating for devs and collaborating with artists. I thought I might mind working in a big company however, it doesn't feel big. And, as long as things can go fast I'm having fun.

I'm still painting and doing art. I've been doing a comic a day since July. I want to go a year of this, see where I get. Tomorrow number 220 will go up. I stopped feeling like an artist during art school, this has been recharging. Especially because I just keep creating. I don't have time to perfect or fuss over. One comic, then the next, and then the next. is where you'll find that.

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