Monday, April 11, 2011

What does an art producer do?

...artist wrangle mostly! And the rest of it is cleaning up oodles of odds and ends.

Today I've flipped the normals on a cart (please turn back face culling, flipped normals are silly).

Spent an hour this morning making an unwrap to match the flat texture--the model wasn't sealed and had some pieces of "surprise" geometry. It's interesting matching an unwrap to a texture rather than texturing an unwrap. The numeric lock with be rather small on the screen, so it just needs to read at contrast. But, beggars can't be choosers and I'm glad for how much art Unforgotten has gotten from different artists.

And zero'ing out transforms, some other engines I've worked with eliminate all the extra data off the batch but, the iteration of the Zero Engine we're working with is FBX2010 and has trouble with transforms. I made the above image as a tutorial of sorts for my devs. The more I can delegate to others the better, especially at this point!

Two weeks until gold for both of my games, just a bit further to charge!

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