Monday, November 15, 2010

Three quarters of the way through another experiment.

This current sprint is a two week long one. I've been having my artists on one week sprints since August (doing the planning for a weeks worth of work, hit the deadline, rinse and repeat). We're in week 11, but our sprints start on Wednesday--this one started week 9.5 and is ending this Wednesday week 11.5.

*Artists have more head space, they can plan to get everything done around their classes and the rest of their life.
*Planning is less whiplash for me.

*Things get adjusted midsprint, as we realize what is and isn't needed. This is bad. But, we at this point have the overall Waterfall figured out for the rest of the semester, so things shouldn't change.
*More constant contact is required.

I've been trying to meet up with or email two artists a day. This week I'm going to try and check in with all of my artists twice (outside of our artist meeting and other subteam meetings).

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