Monday, November 1, 2010

1/30 - First of November and the first day of Create Art Everyday Month.

First day of create art everyday month! I did a bit of this and that art for school but nothing I took to finish. This on the other hand was just play. Started writing out my thoughts on my alignment . I am practicing "to accept myself". Which is interesting. I am frequently confident in who I am and what I know, but I sometimes let my use of my skills get redirected. Like if someone discourages me from doing something I would be good at because they see it as frivolous I often get demotivated. Instead of wondering what's wrong with them! After that introspection I used my prismacolor markers. Then I decided I wanted to use some white paint for the spade. I only had a tube of oil paint in white on hand. Then I decided I wanted to play with gouache. Next time I should use paper meant for paint!

It was grounding.

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  1. Love it Arisa. I feel grounded looking at it. Great work on your alignment too. Go with what feels good I say!