Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Week 6 game team sprint!

Woosh, time is flying! I currently am not listed on this sprint chart (I'm listed in the excel). My sprint is organizational and actualizing a super secret project we've been floating in our heads.

We're currently redoing out main character rig. We don't have support for IKs within the engine so we were baking them in. By that we found out that our linking wasn't done in a game friendly manner. We had a reverse foot on our main character which lead to a chain that wasn't upstream (connecting an upstream to a downstream doesn't work for out engine). Our new rig is being called the Gundam rig. This is because we're building a super rig that is everything we want and constraining our basic game rig to it. We're letting our wimpy rig be driven by the super rig and will then just bake simulation on it (deleting the gundam rig and just giving our engine the basic one).

It's interesting seeing the current look in game, it's just not quite there. By this time next week I really want to have our main character's textures actually in game. Over the next two weeks we're pushing to get a small room that will be the high level of polish we want for our overall game--have to see what it takes.

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