Monday, October 18, 2010

Starting off Week 7 "it's like tuning up a ferrari"

We had an artist team-on-one with Rachel Rutherford (a game faculty member at Digipen). It was good, it really energized the artists. It was hard for me to hear where the breakdowns in communication are happening. It was great to realize that while things aren't perfect, I know how to improve things. It was a very honest and direct gathering. I thought to myself "jeeze, we've got such a long way to go!" and Rachel was "You guys are such a high functioning team <3 !!" Which surprised me! It seems our willingness to confront our problems is part of what makes us a good team.

We hadn't been very structured in our weekly sprints start/end dates. I wanted this last one to run Sunday to Sunday, to make it easier to schedule with classes. I found out this confused some of my artists because they were expecting Wednesday to Wednesday (when we meet in class). I didn't communicated this strongly enough (silly me, expecting artists to read emails). And it turns out everyone wants to have weekly artist jams, it's just been hard to organize because of other classes. I wish I could just focus on working with my artists, removing their blocks, pushing their skills and just make their lives easier. Dumb other classes, that aren't what I want to do with my life!

This Wednesday will be the start of a new sprint and we'll have a jam from 6-10pm. I also bought a bunch of pumpkins so we can carve them!

I love my artists and I love my team. We just have some pain to get through right now. Our level editor is being made right now, once that's done we'll be able to charge a lot faster.

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