Saturday, October 23, 2010

Just another day of awesome!

I got the opportunity to go to Smashing Ideas studio in Seattle and talk to Jarrett Lanfear, a producer over there about his process. It was super informative and also, comforting to know that organization for 2d games is a lot like it is for 3d. I kept in contact with him and we set up a time for my team to present what we've worked on.

That was yesterday and I'm still high off the happy. Smashing Ideas is an awesome studio, with a great atmosphere and lots of cool people!

Because there were more people than we expected (10 or so) Caleb made the call that we should show them our engine proof presentation. He and I went went to the front, tossing things to other team members as needed. It is awesome how organic presenting with him is becoming! I love this team and the experience that it is. Being able to go to a studio and be in sync made me appreciate how fantastic things are!

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