Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Zany Zen - II

Zen current clothed state! Finished unwrapping her, really need to learn how to unwrap faster in maya! Threw on a quick base texture. Need to unwrap her head and throw that on a sheet with her hands and toes. But, progress!

Look it's a....TREE!

Look it's a tree or something! Last week we went back out on Sammamish trail and I hiked it towards Redmond town hall and painted a tree there. I used a much smaller canvas, forgot my fake turpentine stuff, broke my linseed but, had a pretty entertaining time! I also forgot paper towls...that was dumb. I should post a photo of myself next time, I had some pretty impressive green around my eyes. I looked fabulously 80s.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Zen - current iteration on costume/head

I was pushing polys around in mudbox, I've found that speeds up my work flow when I can see things like that. Need to do that with her body. She needs her LODs (levels of detail), need to fix her unwrap on her head. And layout her body's unwrap (one of those things about modeling in parts, making sure it all fits where it should).

Sunday, September 19, 2010

fuzzy shapes!

First ever oil painting omg! I did follow the contours of my (other) odd desert plant sucessfully. But the mixing/colors thing didn't turn out so well. It was interesting using a medium I had exceptionally little idea of how to use. Oil paint is not like gouache..

2nd ever oil painting! It was in class, we spent a couple hours painting along the Sammamish River. Sun shining, birds chirping, neat structures to paint. More art classes should be like this! I stationed myself next to a classmate (Neil Berard) who can actually paint and found his advice (and the ability to see what he was doing) to be super helpful! I mean, it almost looks like stuff!

If I keep this up I might be not painful by mid-terms!

(sorry for photo fail!)


 Just some sketches from this past summer.
This is such a super bizarre purple/green dessert plant. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

First pass on gun!

The rough of a gravity gun for Zen. Planning on changing the red to a shiny silver, going to fix the texture so the rough rip on the wings makes more sense. Zen's an awesome cat, I'll throw her low poly up here once that's done!