Friday, August 27, 2010

Glancing Back

It's an odd thing, updating again. I'm getting back in gear because I forgot to delete my (out of date) signature on an outgoing email. It's been something I've been meaning to get back to, there are of course always a dozen things to get distracted by.

I can't look at my older work without a discerning eye, thinking of how I would make it now, how to tweak it better, how to take it further.

I was happy with Zeeky at the time I made him. But now, there are a million things that bug me. Primarily, my tendency to dispense a higher level of detail to areas that didn't need it and uneven distribution of verts (not square quads). When I made him I was happiest with his shoulders. His mesh was the one that taught me how to get that wrap, to make skinning 100 times easier, to get better motion. I also learned from him that belts aren't a lot of fun. I think his hands annoy me the most, I've made much better sets sense then. But, I think I should do a hand study from a more structural point of view. At least I'm still amused by his "totally not converses, honest" shoes.

I suppose, I'm glad that I feel like I've learned a lot. Still, I'm a bit sad that I would have to overhaul this guy a lot to get him to a point where I'd want to keep him around. But, perhaps an intergalactic pizza boy is worth updating?