Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Zeeky, my intergalactic pizza boy! A lover of danger and daring, he always choses the trickiest routes just for the thrill. He was born in New Seattle (American settlement on Mars). I never really set an era for him, just far enough off that you might find pizza boys in space, and sometimes the pizza comes in cans (best for deep space delivery).

I'm planning on getting him a normal map, but first I need to focus on his diffuse! I'll get some shots of the rest of him up soon!

Harley Quinn

Here's a Harley Quinn model I did in Max. Fast and decently low-poly. She was a lot of fun to do, I adore her crazy grin! No texture, just color blocking.

Lenara Switch

I made Lenara last summer for an animation.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cindy-bot 2.5

Newest version of Cindy. She is now 1850 triangles (it was odd adding tris just for pretty, but I've been a bit too conservative with them). Her texture has only been blocked out; I'll do another pass on it when I can.

Cindy-bot rough turnaround

Cindy-bot's rough modeling turnaround. She makes a better villain as a brunette than a blonde.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wolfie 2.5

Wolfie got gruffer and more aggressive looking. It's important to make sure bad guys look like you want to beat them up! His texture is just color blocked out. I need to spend more time on texture; showing lines and making them look more robotic helps out a lot.

Wolfie stands at 1860 triangles.