Sunday, January 31, 2010

Organization, hoo!

Last semester I tried a lot of different ways of organizing things. I've found google docs to be the best way. Having something that everyone can edit that stays up to date makes things a lot easier and streamlined. Last semester all deadlines for Steamyard were determined at meetings. This semester I'm planning on using our blog to list them out every Monday (I think it will make things easier). Below I've grabbed screen captures from some of my charts. The top two charts are from Legend of the Steamyard.

This one below is from Desk Wars. A 2nd year masters' game I've been ghosting on. They lacked a strong producer and organization. While I already have a game team, I've enjoyed stepping in on them and helping them. Over winter break I did some quick concepts and helped them establish an art direction. And within the first week I found them four artists, one designer and a man to do their sound. It was a great to learn how to get developers to articulate what needs to be done (and the steps along the way).

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