Sunday, January 31, 2010

Organization, hoo!

Last semester I tried a lot of different ways of organizing things. I've found google docs to be the best way. Having something that everyone can edit that stays up to date makes things a lot easier and streamlined. Last semester all deadlines for Steamyard were determined at meetings. This semester I'm planning on using our blog to list them out every Monday (I think it will make things easier). Below I've grabbed screen captures from some of my charts. The top two charts are from Legend of the Steamyard.

This one below is from Desk Wars. A 2nd year masters' game I've been ghosting on. They lacked a strong producer and organization. While I already have a game team, I've enjoyed stepping in on them and helping them. Over winter break I did some quick concepts and helped them establish an art direction. And within the first week I found them four artists, one designer and a man to do their sound. It was a great to learn how to get developers to articulate what needs to be done (and the steps along the way).

Modeling quadrupeds

Last semester I went into Bio200 and did a guest lecture, along with a couple other students (Joshua Jones and Bryanna Lindsey). We gave them an overview of edge flow (N poles and E poles among other things). I did an in class demo on making a horse.

I also gave them a quick tutorial I made. Just showing my work flow to them. In the tutorial I made a dog, modeling off of a side and front view (out of an animal anatomy book). It took 3 and a half hours at most (a lot of that was screen capping and explaining things). I wish I had time to round it out more, but such is life!

Trains, sofas and more!

A couple pages out of my art bible. Some of the basic assets that got thrown out last semester. I made all of the models. The textures were done by Cat Hoffman.

Having lots of reference images has made throwing these out a lot faster. Given how fluid you have to be when working on student games (mechanics can be dropped, the genre can be changed), we went simple and low-poly to start.


Here are a couple of drawings I did last semester for my art300 class (perspective and environments). I'm going to get out sometime this week and draw some more trees and buildings. I'm curious if things will be any easier with glasses (I got some towards the end of last semester). The eye doctor said don't need my pair because my vision is only slightly off, but seeing even a little bit off is a scary thought! Mine turn raster images into vector and make life a bit more HD!

He-Man Villainous colors

Here are two pages explaining the He-Man villain color style as we applied it to Legend of the Steamyard. I tossed this out both to be able to pass off to other artists and because articulating what I saw happening gave me a better grasp of it. (By the way, it is my personal belief Mister Robo-hand was made by the intern. I can't comprehend what he's made out of and he reads weakest in grayscale.)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sketches for Desk wars

Over winter break I did some quick concepting for the second-year Masters' game, Desk Wars. The first guys were inspired by School House Rock (no where near my flavor, but interesting to do) the 2nd were inspired by the 90s cartoon Gargoyles (a favorite of mine).

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cindy-bot 2.0

Cindy-bot at 1,222 Tris. The first pose is Cindy skinned to the thriller animation my animator, Bryanna Lindsey did.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wolfie 2.0

Wolfman is the melee in your face fighter for Legend of the Steamyard.

Wolfie was based on Duran Duran's song "Hungry like a Wolf" He had a rougher turnaround than Cindy-Bot and was harder to figure out. His posture was inspired by a T-Rex's. The lumbering walk with a tail to counter balance. He was harder to figure out overall. And I ended up going in a different direction than this surfer dude.

This version of Wolfie was 1936 triangles.